Meditation Certification 100-Hour

Meditation Certification 100-Hour

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Facilitators: Ram Vakkalanka, Yoga Philosopher, Tiffany Nicholson-Smith Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Start Date: November 4, 2021
Schedule: Weekly Thursday classes [virtual] + 2x Weekend Retreats *schedule dependent
Platform: Zoom
Price: $1,777.00

Our 100-hour program is designed to be simple and enjoyable, and aid with all aspects of your life. It will help reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of happiness and compassion, and expand your awareness and realizations.

Meditation is, among other things, an easily accessible way of coping with stress and uncertainty in life, improving one's productivity.  Experiencing peace within and living like a Master of Life. If you are interested in becoming a Guided Meditation Teacher or learning and/or solidifying your meditation practice, BlissOm's 100-Hour Meditation Certification is perfect for you.

This is an online training certification approved by the Yoga Alliance and is facilitated by Ram Vakkalanka, Tiffany Nicholson-Smith, and select yoga teachers. It is comprehensive in its content and will give you the necessary tools to become a competent Meditation Teacher as well as a practitioner.

Here is a look at some of the topics included in the course syllabus:

What is Meditation: The origin, evolution, philosophy as well as the science of meditation, and what meditation is not.

Mind and its Mastery: Understanding mind and its movements, Karma, breaking the negative thought patterns, emotional cleansing through Meditation, stillness of mind, and the purpose of it.

Techniques of Meditation: Different traditions/techniques of Meditation - Mantra Meditation, Yantra (Sacred Geometry) Meditation, Nada Meditation, Nidra Meditation, focus on breath, singing bowls, other visual-aural-kinesthetic meditation techniques

Meditation and Lifestyle Factors: Exploration of food, Doshas, and practice of meditation through Ayurveda.

How to Lead a Meditation Session: Techniques such as storytelling, holding space, the role of silence in meditation, sequencing.

Self Practice of Meditation: The science behind choosing an appropriate meditation technique for oneself and others, creation of an altar (sacred space for meditation).